Available Originals

Available Originals




Malibu Canyon Morning Light-by Eva-Margueriette

Malibu Canyon Morning Light–SOLD


Cherry Valley Cove by Eva Margueriette

Cherry Valley Cove, Catalina, 15 x 20 watercolor


California winter in Eaton Canyon by Eva Margueriette

California Winter in Eaton Canyon, 28 x 22 watercolor


Springtime in Eaton Canyon by Eva Margueriette

Springtime in Eaton Canyon, watercolor


Irises on Yellow by Eva Margueriette

Irises on Yellow, watercolor — prints available


Les Nymphea by Eva Margueriette

Les Nymphea, 22 x 30 watercolor


pink plumeria by Eva Margueriet

Pink Plumeria



Iris Garden






L’Enfant in Pink Hat



Provence Barn



Provence Valley Sketch


washing day in Provence

Washing Day in Provence, 11 x 14 watercolor



annies front porch 22x28wc

Annie’s Front Porch, 22 x 28 watercolor



contemplation 22x28

Contemplation, 22 x 28 watercolor


joy on paris merrygoround 22x28

Joy on Paris Merry-Go-Round, 22 x 28 watercolor, Collection of the Artist


japanese lady in mourning

Japanese Lady in Mourning, Collection of the Artist


last day of summer

Last Day of Summer, oil, Collection of the Artist



Mardi Gras-in-Puebla, 15 x 20 watercolor


Going to tea at Huntington

Going to Tea in the Huntington Library Gardens